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Jul 09 2009

Blogger PHP vs HTML

If you would like to have almost endless feature options to your blog, PHP may be the way to go. Currently Blogger only supports HTML when hosted by Google. So the PHP option is one that your would have to host your own blog.

HTML Pros:

  • You can host your site for free with Google.
  • HTML is fairly straight forward and easy to make simple changes

HTML Cons:

  • For the most part it is static, meaning that it will always be exactly the same.
  • Making changes can become difficult on a more complex blog.

PHP Pros:

  • PHP is the choice language and can embed HTML code.
  • PHP is a scripting language, with many advanced features.
  • PHP is widely used on most web servers.
  • PHP can be used with a wide range of databases.
  • PHP is very versatile, it can be as simple as HTML or powerful enough to run complex web application.

PHP Cons:

  • PHP is a programming language, unlike HTML which is a markup language.
  • The learning curve can be steep for those wanting to do complex applications.
  • Beginners can often break the script rendering their to display a single error message.

If you are willing to spend a little time learning the programing basics of PHP you can expand your blog to do just about anything you want (besides washing the dishes, I’m still working try to solve that problem). You can find many tutorials online or pick Wicked Cool PHP: Real-World Scripts book, an easy to read and learn by example PHP book.

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