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Jul 07 2009

Blogger Hosting Options

The are many options available to customize your blogger site. I will start out with the hosting and domain name options.

If you are new to customizing blogger, you may want to start with the Blogger’s help section. This will give you a better understanding of what you will need to learn.

The first major option you have is to decide, where you want your blog to be hosted. The easiest of course is to let blogger host the site. Blogger has made it very simple for anyone to create and manage a blog. For the bloggers that want to use a custom domain name, but do not want to host their blog outside of Google, Blogger offers the Custom Domain feature. While these may be a perfect match for most, some bloggers may want more control or run PHP scripts. The only option for PHP is to use the ftp hosting option.

Pros and Cons of blogger host vs Custom Domains vs FTP host.

FTP Host Pros:

  • You can customize your blogger URL. If you own a domain name you can create just about any name you want. For example, I have many blogs hosted at the main domain of Planet Hernando ( and this blog is a sub domain named BloggerTips and looks like this While the is taken I can still use my domain to create the same sub domain with out causing any conflicts. You can also make the name easier to remember. For example if your name was John Smith and you own, you could use that domain and your blogger address would be You can also use Blogger’s custom domain feature to basically get the same results without having to host your blog.
  • Option of using PHP instead of HTML. This is a very powerful options that will allow you almost endless customizing opportunities. This is the primary reason I host my blog on my server and not at Google. I will write many blogs about using PHP.
  • Options to backup and store your blog on a remote server. While blogger offers a very good backup and restore tool, I have custom scripts sync all my blogs on to a remote server. This way if I where to lose any information, images, scripts etc. All I need to do is sysnc the primary server with the remote and everything is back to the way is was.
  • Resolving DNS issues. Some counties and search engines may be less friendly to a Google DNS. I think as long as Google runs blogger, the search engine issues will never be much of a problem, since much of your search engine traffic will come from Google.

FTP Host Cons:

  • Hosting outside of blogger can cause issues simply due to the increase steps in publishing the blog. If your host goes down this can cause delays, luckily blogger will autosave your blog as you are typing it and you can publish your blog when your host is up.
  • Cost; hosting outside of blogger will cost some amount per year. If you find a free host, you would be wise to stay at Google. After all Google knows a little bit about hosting…
  • Time; it will take more time to publish your blog. However it only amount to a few seconds per posting.

Blogger Hosting Pros

  • It’s free and that’s hard to beat…
  • Everything most bloggers need is right there are at your mouse tips. Blogger is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Gadgets; the new blogger offers lots and lots of gadgets.
  • Backup and restore options.
  • Free Image hosting
  • Reliable redundant servers

Blogger Hosting Cons

  • Can not execute php.
  • Limited name selection
  • Can not execute custom script with out writing your own custom gadget.

Custom Domain is hosted by Google and will have all the same features the only difference is that you can choose you own domain name.

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